Data Capture

eData Solutions data capture services deliver high quality, cost-effective services ideally suited to high volume applications such as forms processing, keying from images, data extraction and abstraction, e-publishing, file conversion and more. As one of the leading provider in the offshore data entry market, eData Solutions offers the highest level of cost savings, efficiency and security derived from our years of experience delivering offshore solutions.

  1. Healthcare Claims Processing
  2. Medical Billing & Coding
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Customer Loyalty Programs
  5. Stake Forms and Rebates
  6. Land Records Indexing
  7. Citations
eData Solutions utilizes the cost effectiveness of offshore labor to perform the data capture functions while using a proprietary workflow and tracking system to securely and efficiently manage the offshore work while coordinating with domestic activities. This system ensures that every document and all data is accounted for, provides control in preventing lost documents and data and ensures that all data is captured accurately and timely.

eData Solutions has implemented similar measures to provide these services in the domestic market as well. eData Solutions California location provides onshore data capture services utilizing same processes to ensure highest amount of quality.

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