Imaging Services

  1. When images are scanned from less-structured media like microfiche it often results in images that appear off-center and with substantial border corruption. eData can help you by formatting these images so that they will result in clean & presentable images.
Image Enhancement
eData Solutions  provides Image Enhancement Services to high-volume scanning service providers. Our services include:
 1. De-skewing
 2. Image Cleanup
 3. Cropping
 4. Redaction
  5. Changing the Contrast 
  6. Format conversion
  7. Artefacts or “Junk” lines removal 
eData also indexes page-level metadata for images. It is our guarantee that these Images and indexes will be processed to 99% or better accuracy.
Image Indexing 
eData Solutions also provides Indexing services for business documents images to make them compatible for any industry standard Document Management System. The various documents indexed include:
1. Financial documents
2. Vouchers
3.  Purchase Orders
4.  Delivery Sheets
5.  Healthcare records
The Indexing services include:
  1. Document Boundary Identification
  2. Indexing of key fields
  3. Image binding and renaming
  4. Image OCR
 eData Solutions also provides Image conversion services for books, newspapers and documents:
  1. OCR with or without manual correction
  2. Creation of searchable PDF
  3. Text file with XML/HTML coding
  4. Article zoning with word coordinates

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