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Today, law firms and corporate counsel face pressures of cost and talent. eData Solutions helps organizations to leverage business process outsourcing as a strategy to ‘extend their enterprise’, thereby providing access to a high quality talent pool of experienced professionals, a proven global delivery model, deep domain expertise and an unrelenting focus on delivery excellence.
eData Solutions is the leading Data Indexing and Software Solutions provider offering unconventional experience, powered by a combination of domain expertise, process skills and superior technology to clients across the globe. Being in the business of large volume Keying, Data Capture and related activities for over 15 years, eData Solutions is a reliable offshore partner for corporations, Attorneys and Law firms, delivering quality legal process outsourcing, coding, and Electronic Data Discovery at prices as low as 20% of the local US Service Rates.

Document Scanning:

We partner with the leading Scanning organizations in the US. Our Associate partners with sophisticated scanning facilities scan more than a million copies every day which then comes to us for Coding.


Unitization / LDD is the process whereby thorough reviews of all the files whether pages or images is undertaken to detect possible mismatches. In the second step, the unitization process of the images is undertaken as per the instruction of the client. The accuracy of the files is verified with the help of our proprietary application. This helps us in building a reliable database. This process eliminates insufficient and inaccurate document preparation and provides effectiveness of a document database. This is one of the critical processes involved in the development of an electronic document management system. This process also identifies unique documents by type or date.

Logical Document Determination Services:

eData’s Logical Document Determination Service competently determines the boundaries of document like document type, recipient, date, author etc. Logically distinguished documents from each other and define attachment relationships among the documents (i.e., parent-child). Unitization enables database users to search and retrieve documents by a particular date, author, or other coded field even when those documents were buried as report attachments in the original, physically bound collection.

Physical determination:

It is a single-level of document unitization that is based on the presence of binding elements such as a staple or paper clip. Documents are unitized within the physical boundaries determined by the binding elements.

Litigation Coding:

Our qualified and experienced professionals carry out a page by page review of the documents sent by the client and create an organized, indexed and easy to use searchable database. For a large Australian Multinational corporation, we regularly index legal documents to their Legal department’s specifications since 2010. We identify and index parties’ information such as Author, Recipient, CC, In-text, Document Title, Document type, Document date, etc.

Bibliographic Coding:

Locating important facts about a document’s origin can be time consuming and frustrating. eData Solutions uses bibliographic coding techniques to help expedite your sort and review process. We capture the creation date, author, recipients, document type, document title, signature and organization of origin. Based on your needs, fields can be added or deleted. We can also customize your database with codes that apply specifically to your case.

In-Text Coding:

In-Text coding is the process of capturing the data elements within the body of a document. Coding information referenced in the individual document such as names, locations, important numbers and dates etc. Finding multiple references of a name or organization within your document population can help you build a more effective case. At eData Solutions, we use in-text coding to extrapolate this data for rapid sourcing of every reference. Names of individuals and organizations along with other key words or phrases within the body of each document are coded based on your instruction.

Electronic Data Discovery (EDD):

EDD requires reviewing digital data buried in large and possibly distributed digital repositories, for production of files containing relevant data in compliance with a discovery request. In our EDD Services, we would mine (locate, extract and catalogue) content in Email, email attachments, word processing documents, spreadsheets, several other formats, from various locations – hard disks, CDs, ftps etc. eData’s Electronic Data Discovery possesses excellent processing capabilities of over 300+ different file types.
Our Electronic Data Discovery Service involves the process of searching all submitted electronic files (hard drives, e-mail servers etc.) for key words. Identified documents with the keywords are stored in a searchable database, which can be seamlessly imported into any litigation support application.
Whether your project involves contract drafting and editing, research support, or document review, each project is managed by experienced Team Members. eData also maintains strict confidentiality and takes extraordinary measures to ensure data security. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider us as your partner for offshore needs:

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