Mortgage & Settlement

eData supports and manage the end-to-end servicing in the mortgage life cycle so
you can focus on your end customer

Our Mortgage Team can support the entire
Mortgage Process Lifecycle


Order Entry & Pre-Closing Support

Our Pre-closing support services ensures

  • Order entry from the purchase contract
  • Quality Check all documents to reduce errors
  • Minimize loan rejections due to erroneous documents.

Closing Support

Mortgage closing is a complex process. On the basis of criticality, All the steps have to be followed in chronological order and those are as follows:

  • Obtain and review the closing documents
  • Review the property title
  • Prepare the closing instructions
  • Share the lender Package
  • Deliver final Package to the lender
  • Schedule the closing
  • Prepare Closing package

Post Closing Support

In the Post-closing process, the closed loan package is monitored to ensure all trailing documents are gathered and processed and all investor guidelines (tax, insurance, etc.) are met for loan salability.

The processes supported in the Post–closing are as follows

  • Set up checks and funds
  • Balance the CD
  • Prepare recording package
  • Reconcile the outstanding checks
  • Zero balance escrow account

Mortgage Servicing

The major processes we support in Mortgage Servicing include

  • Loss mitigation assistance
  • Foreclosure & bankruptcy support
  • REO (Real estate owned) services
  • Mortgage settlement services
  • Mortgage QC services